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New Moon New Zealand Abalone 425g

S$ 39.80

Singapore’s No.1 Best Selling Abalone. New Moon New Zealand Abalone is renowned for its flavorful taste, maintaining its best seller position as Singaporeans 1st choice. Abalone meat acquired their distinctive taste attributes from the food they consume. These food sources capture the exquisite flavors of the flora and fauna from the pristine river courses they flow through before reaching the seas as flavorsome food source to abalones.

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New Moon Australia Abalone 425g

S$ 49.80

No. 1 Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore. Haliotis Rubra is the species of New Moon Australian Abalone harvested from the rocky reef habitats of Tasmanian waters. The cream colored abalone meat, tender and smooth texture are captivating sensorial attributes that sees Australia abalone as a cherished delicacy worldwide.

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New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g

S$ 128.00

No. 1 Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore. Wild Mexican Abalone is the most exclusive abalone range in the world. They are grown in pristine, clear waters with the right salinity and temperature. The prevailing surf over the waters forces abalones to exert their muscles when they move during feeding. This makes the abalone meat more supple and delicious. 

Being a marine food source, abalones harness concentrated nutritional elements from the seas. They contain protein which provides essential amino acids to aid in the building and maintenance of bodily tissues. New Moon Abalones* are low in fat and trans-fat free, which makes abalone a naturally nutritious food product.

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